SWOP-NM Sabbatical Monthly Themes 1st Quarter 2017

January—A Family Affair. Let’s talk about how our families deal with our career and the stigma associated with sex work. Are you out to your family? Do you wish you could be? Are they supportive? Some of us get support from our biological family, others have turned to a family of choice for strength. Let’s talk about it! January 28th.


February—The Relationship Situation. Monogamy, polyamory, asexuality, aromanticism, queer, straight, and everywhere in between… let’s dish about sex and love, or lack thereof. We’ll talk about whether sex work has influenced our relationship styles, if at all, how we disclose to potential mates, and more! February 18th.


March—International Sex Workers Rights Day. Open meeting to family, friends, and allies. Madeline will give a discussion-style presentation on how to be an ally. Feel free to write in early with direct ideas about what you need, as a sex worker, from those who want to be our allies! March 3rd.


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